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Arch Linux: Rolling distro fun

Arch Linux is great, change is great, except when you don’t know what has changed and why.

Case in point, my home server is up 100+ days, I update and reboot.  My web access is gone and SSH doesn’t work either.  When I regained physical access, I see both services are failed as they could not bind to the network card, that’s funny because samba, ftp and NFS all managed fine.  Why?

As I’m running systemd I was able to figure out the following with a few ‘systemctl status something.service’ commands.  sshd and apache come up before the network card, they retry but fail.  5 seconds later the network is up, so when I restart the services manually all works as expected.

Fixing it was a bit more messy.  Both systemd scripts are small and simple both specify ‘’ that target doesn’t give away much.  I’m using NetworkManager so I changed both to ‘After=NetworkManager.service’.

Result, the services http/SSH start later but still too soon.  Appears NetworkManager has started but not completed its job yet.

Try again:


This “service” starts when network manager completes its startup, so telling SSH and http that they start after this will ensure the network is up.

Fixed! until the next update 🙂

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