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FreeBSD, the good, the not so good, the next step

So about a week into using FreeBSD I have to say I really like it.

I went from “current” which is a stupid name for a future cutting edge version to “stable” which is the current recommended release version.

Basic tasks, editing files, starting and stopping services, network configuration changes are all straightforward and logical.

The pkg package manager is pretty cool, port works fantastically too.  It still is odd if your used to a single package manager on a system, but it works and works well.  You get odd situations, like the unbound situation.  Its part of the base system, already present, but for more than the basic config you are recommended to install the port.  So after a bit of compiling you end up with a few more config files.  I’m not sure if the compile turns on additional features but it seems a bit wasteful.  Regardless I did it and have unbound configured the way I want.

So I planned to do more testing this week, setup a NIS and LDAP server for example, but then I went and applied for a Linux/VMware job.   So I guess I need to study for that first.  Should be interesting to see how much Red Hat I’ve forgotten since May (probably not much) and how much VMware I’ve forgotten since last weeks training course (probably lots)

Wish me luck….

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