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SSH tunnel as socks proxy

You need:

  • A machine you can SSH too
  • Putty on your Windows client machine
  • A web browser you can change the proxy settings of

Configure your putty session and go to SSH/Tunnels.  Set source port to something like 8080 and destination to “Dynamic”.  Log in to the remote machine.

Configure the browser socks proxy to be

Now all traffic in the browser is redirected to the proxy (port 8080 on your machine) which then flows out the SSH Tunnel to the remote machine, the remote machine gets the data from the Web and returns it back down the ssh tunnel.

So it looks like a normal unblocked connection to you, just a bit slower.  However in the background your actually encrypting your data and sending it to a remote machine that does then makes the request.  If you have a bandwidth limit on the remote machine remember your doubling up your data usage, so if you try download a 1 MB file the remote machine has to download it then send it up to you, that’s 2MB of data transfer.


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