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Grimes, Dublin Concert

So I took some time off work because I had days to use up before the end of March.

I went to the Grimes concert in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre, it was a weird one, the show was cut short due to technical issues.  During one of the tunes we all heard these loud bangs, Grimes went crazy on stage and stopped the song, she explained she was getting electrocuted and wanted cables changed.  Technical guy comes out and changes cables, song starts again and problems came back.  Eventually they did a song or two without this “pedal” that was causing the issues, before they decided that the pedal was a fault and could not fix it.   They did a final song without the pedal and called it a night.

I think the songs without the pedal where actually pretty damn good and the ones before the issues too, the support act “Hana” was pretty cool too.

A bit weird though, you get this really quite good show, but then you also feel like it would have been off the charts without all the problems.  It is true to say that everyone in the crowd was supportive during the issues, I heard one guy boo (there is always one) but he was quickly drowned out by 1000+ people cheering.

Also had St. Patrick’s day yesterday, kept it simple, local parade, enjoy the sunshine, home cooked dinner with the fiancée and a couple bottles of wine.

Anyway, need to get my brain out of this relaxed mood so I’ve got a FreeBSD server to deploy to serve out a WSGI/Python website.


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